The age-old saying that you get what you pay for is still significant. Even more so when it comes to torsion bar leveling keys. There is a reason that ReadyLift® Suspension Inc. engineered a line of true Forged Torsion Leveling Keys. That reason is safety, security and product longevity. ReadyLift® developed the Forged Leveling Key to be up to 25% stronger than the OEM keys. This isn’t a marketing scheme to try and charge more money for our products. This design and construction process is a requirement of leveling keys.

ReadyLift® Torsion Keys are engineered to provide the CORRECT amount of “clocking” to provide the lift necessary to level the vehicle without compromising the ride quality and working within the factory geometry specifications. Our keys provide the ability to apply specific force to the rotation of the torsion bar to establish the desired lift while allowing the torsion bar to be able to rotate during downward suspension cycles. Our Keys are designed specifically to accommodate what the owner wants as well as what the suspension needs in order to operate correctly.

ReadyLift® Forged Torsion Keys are designed beyond the OEM cast key requirements (25% stronger) because increasing the rotation of the torsion bar also increases the torsional energy and force. Cast keys often cannot handle these additional forces and will FAIL. It is not uncommon for an installer to discover a dangerous surprise when trying to load a cast key that is most likely incorrectly and haphazardly clocked. Installing a torsion bar leveling key takes incredible force, something many cheap cast keys that can be found on the market simply cannot handle. Some cheap cast keys break during installation or while simply driving down the road, both of which present dangerous complications to both life and vehicle.

ReadyLift® has manufactured and sold over 60,000 Forged torsion key leveling kits and not a single one has been returned broken. While some companies overlook the importance of researching and developing a quality product designed specifically for the intended use in lieu of providing a cheaper price point, the reality is you cannot ever place a price on safety.

Beware of imitations! When it comes to leveling torsion keys, there is no substitute for Forged. Demand a ReadyLift® Forged Torsion Key. If it doesn’t say ReadyLift® on the key, then it is not a genuine ReadyLift® Key.

The image below is just one example of a cheap cast keys that broke while the owner was driving the vehicle, resulting in damage to the vehicle. This is just one of many examples of the very same thing happening with cast leveling keys.
broken cast torsion key
broken cast torsion key, torsion key failure

Below is an example of a "cheap" key from a "big name" company. No, you are not
looking at a beat up old key found on the side of the road. Believe it or not, this key
came right out of the box NEW! Be sure to examine your aftermarket leveling keys
before you purchase or install them.

Discover the benefits of the ReadyLift FORGED Torsion Key.
ReadyLift forged leveling torsion key, strongest in the world
If you want the best quality FORGED torsion leveling key on the market, a key with
the most quality and safety engineering, the choice is clear.