Santa Ana, CA (July 28, 2008)—In a weekend filled with all forms of motorsports racing, one thing was very clear. CORR seen LIVE on SPEED/NBC was without a doubt the best racing found on TV! Millions tuned into the Live race action from CORR’s holy grail race facility in Chula Vista, uniquely dubbed “The Quarry” because of the nature of its home.  Any kind of racing that is Live on television is sure to draw a large audience, both from home and at the track. In fact, both days of the Chula Vista race (7/27-7/28) were the largest attended dates of the year. Nearly 14,000 spectators filled the race complex on both days.

All those great fans both in the grandstands as well as among the millions at home watching on SPEED or NBC were treated to some outstanding off road racing action. While the elevation changing Chula Vista track lends itself to some spectacular racing, this weekend saw some of the best we’ve seen yet this year. And the pinnacle of the wild weekend was the ProLite race on Saturday where before the packed stands and millions viewing on TV, one of the best races of the weekend, if not of the entire year took place.  With Rob “Fig” Naughton and Team ReadyLift® Racing taking the pole in qualifying, Rob was then tasked with drawing an inversion number. His drawing put him back to seventh on the grid. As we have seen throughout the season, Rob and the Team ReadyLift/Maxxis/Lucas Oil Racing Ford is more than capable of muscling its way through the pack to take the lead.

Every lap was incredibly exciting as Rob worked his way up to the front to battle with the likes of Bryce Menzies, Maxxis Tires’ Marty Hart and Rodrigo Ampudia. Every lap was exciting as no one could hold any type of lead over the entire course. Yes, the racing was that good. The most epic event of the weekend, even voted as such by race fans who visit CORR’s website, is when Menzies, Naughton and Hart roared out of turn seven in a wild drag race down the front stretch. All three competitors hit the tabletop jump with the throttles matted to the floorboard, resulting in a spectacular three abreast jump while banging door and fenders in mid air. Upon landing it was Team ReadyLift’s Naughton who shot out from his adversaries and took the lead going into turn one. Though challenged at every corner, the strength of that Team ReadyLift/Maxxis/Lucas Oil Racing Ford with Naughton at the helm proved who was the fastest ProLite Team at Chula Vista. Fans both in the stands and at home watching Live on television got to see one of the best ProLite Races of the year.

ReadyLift® would like to congratulate Rob Naughton and the entire ReadyLift® Racing Team for putting on a show of dominance on Saturday, especially with millions of people watching. Rob’s great driving prowess goes perfect with the premier name in leveling and lift kit suspension products. And as Rob stated “ReadyLift Racing is back on top again!”

Be sure to check out the next CORR race from Pomona on August 16th which will be aired Live on SPEED where the defending ProLite Champion Rob Naughton and ReadyLift Racing will continue the campaign for the 2008 Championship title.

Remaining 2008 CORR Schedule:
August 16-17, Fairplex in Pomona              Sept. 13-14, Chula Vista Int’l Raceway
October 25-26, Las Vegas Int’l Raceway    Dec. 6-7, Chula Vista Int’l Raceway