ReadyLift Suspension Leveling FAQ's
Date: October 05, 2006
Frequently Asked Questions

--Can I use tires bigger than 33” with your kit?

The new Ford F150 can use 35” tires and the, Hummer H2 can go up to 37” without rubbing. Some trucks not listed may also use 35” tires, although trimming at the base of the fender is required.

--What about backspacing?

Our kits are designed to use stock backspacing.

--Will my truck drive differently?

Although we design our kits to keep the stock suspension ride, the added height at the front of the truck will affect the way your truck drives.

--I installed custom 20” rims and 35” tires, and my truck does NOT drive like stock.

By adding new rims and larger tires, it is possible to add over 50 pounds of unsprung weight to each corner of your truck. This extra weight can easily overwhelm your stock shocks. We suggest upgrading to heavy duty shocks if you plan on using larger wheels and tires.

--Can’t I just crank up my own torsion keys?

Yes. The difference between cranking your own keys and using ours are as follows:
a) Our forged keys are MUCH stronger than the stock cast keys. The stock key will also be turned at an angle that can bend the adjusting key, making it nearly impossible to readjust.
b) We include shock extensions or brackets with our kits that allow the stock shock to work within the correct piston range. Simply cranking a torsion key can cause the stock piston to “top out”, and fail quickly.
c) We include custom adjusting bolts with kits that need them. These bolts prevent customers from over-cranking the torsion key, which prevents the damage listed above.

--What will the ReadyLift™ kits do to my CV joints, steering arms, etceteras?

The ReadyLift™ is designed to work within the stock suspension travel of your truck, and does not appreciably affect the life of your other suspension components. The life of your suspension is much more affected by the way you drive.

--I have a 6” lift right now, and want to raise my truck a little more. Can I add the ReadyLift™ kit to get the extra lift?

The ReadyLift™ kits are designed to be used with stock suspensions on standard trucks. There is no way for us to determine how our kits will work with your current suspension. Custom use voids our lifetime warranty, so use at your own risk.

--How much extra travel will the ReadyLift™ kit give me?

None. Our kits offer the stock suspension travel only. However, you will experience increased ground clearance, especially when used with larger tires.

--How about upward travel?

We carefully engineer our kits to retain a safe amount of upward travel and offer a level ride. We could raise ride height even further, but it would sacrifice the ride and top out the suspension.

--Does your kit void my vehicle warranty?

NO. Our kits work within the stock suspension range. A manufacturer must show that your aftermarket part, from wiper blades to bed liners, caused a specific failure. Also, any failure does not void any other part of the warranty.