Las Vegas NV - Not only did November bring the biggest gathering of car and truck part manufacturers to Las Vegas Nevada, but it also brought the grand finale of the CORR racing season and a Championship to ReadyLift® Suspension.

The #54 Pro-Lite truck of Rob “Fig” Naughton sponsored by ReadyLift® stood at the starting line on Saturday Nov. 3rd only needing to finish the race in order to win the first ever CORR championship for ReadyLift® Racing. Now this sounds a whole lot easier than it really is; as a general rule only about 70 percent of all trucks who start a CORR race actually finish it. And although Rob Naughton has won more races in 2007 than any other single season in the history of CORR, Rob decided to keep Saturday’s race interesting for all of us here at ReadyLift®. When the green flag fell Naughton was in 5th position, proceeded to spin out in the first corner and that was just the beginning of the drama.

The highlight of the first half of the event was watching Rob and his truck rush through the biggest field ever assembled on a CORR track, 24 total trucks started, and put him back into contention for a win by moving all the way up to 7th position before the mandatory yellow flag at the midway point. After that is when it all got very interesting. Rob jumped quickly at the restart and moved immediately into 5th position, which was just in time to go completely off the track to avoid flipping his truck over and wrecking it in the second turn. Naughton miraculously saved his truck and only managed to lose a couple of positions while placing his machine back in the correct direction of travel. Just when you thought all was good with the ReadyLift® truck a mechanical malfunction in lap 12 forced “Fig” to pull to the side of the track and baby his rig around all jumps and corners. He completely stalled the truck on several occasions, with the last being the most anxious for all of us at ReadyLift®. With the checkered flag waving and CORR crews trying to clear the track for the winners Rob was stalled one last time just 5 feet from the finish line. That critical point that Rob Naughton acquired as his trusty truck fired up for him one last time and barely pushed him over the line was the one that put him over the edge and earned the Championship.

ReadyLift® Suspension would like to congratulate Robert Naughton, his crew, his family and friends, as well as all supporters nationwide for a Championship Season nobody will soon forget. ReadyLift® Racing’s own #54 Rob “FIG” Naughton 2007 CORR Pro-Lite Champion.