ReadyLIFT/Bad Habit Racing Airs It Out In Indy

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February 2, 2011 :: Indianapolis, In Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam


By :: Joe Sylvester


The weekend of January 29 was a big weekend for the ReadyLIFT BAD HABIT Team. Not just because the show was sold out with 63,000 fans or that it was also filmed for SPEED Channel, but also because a ton of friends, family, and fans were coming out to show their support. I have been blessed with some of the best fans anyone could ask for and I am truly thankful for them, the biggest ones are my family! It's a good thing I work well under pressure! My lovely friend Krysten Knievel also came to Indianapolis to sing our great nation's national anthem. Krysten is a very talented musician with an amazing voice that produced a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner that will send chills down your spine! Nothing is more nerve racking than to go out and have mechanical troubles at a show like this. Thankfully, thanks to the hard work and dedication of my crew chief Brandon Pugh, mechanical troubles did not haunt our weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium! With the new sway bars on the truck, I was anxious to see how the tuck was going to handle in racing. I found out real quick in qualifying that the tacky Indiana dirt was not the ideal track condition to flat track the corners and found myself upside down on the last turn. The sway bar we used on the front of the truck was old material and under the stress it broke in half. Before first round we removed the front sway bar assembly which left us with only a sway bar on the rear, still better than nothing at all. Due to a DNQ, I was paired up with fast qualifier Damon Bradshaw in the Airforce Afterburner truck. The race started off fairly close until the last turn I got a little too throttle happy and once again drifted the truck through the turn only this time coming off the final jump sideways, landing and taking a bad bounce almost rolling over again but ended up with a really cool save that got the crowd in an uproar. With the night over for us in racing, freestyle was next and I was the fourth truck out. I took to the floor with a different plan than I usually have. The judges this year seem to be awarding more points for technical moves as opposed to continuous chaos and crazy big air, although, that is what the crowd likes to see. I decided to try and go for the points at this event and filled the entire 90 second run plus bonus time. My run had everything from big air to cross thread maneuvers and a donut which unfortunately fell just after the clock went to zero. The crowd was into the run but apparently the judges were not and awarded me with a score of 17. It seems to be very hard to please the judges this year, therefore, I am going to continue the rest of my season as I always have, FOR THE FANS! As long as the fans are happy with my performances, it doesn’t matter to me what my score is. The fans come to see a crazy show, and that’s what I like to give them. I could not give these awesome fans an exciting show if it were not for our awesome sponsors. As always, thanks to ReadyLIFT Suspension, Lincoln Welders, Boardman Steel, Abruzzi Racing Transmissions, FK Rod Ends, Rock Batteries, Clevite Bearings, APD Engines, Komar Plumbing, Sylvester Construction, NGK Spark Plugs, and Oakley, the BAD HABIT truck runs top notch every weekend and continues to grow our fan base all across this great nation!