Ford Raptor 2010-2014 - Rear Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit

Ford Raptor 2010-2014 Rear Bump Stop Kit - w/o bump stops - 25-2000


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Rear Bump Stop Assembly for Ford Raptor Trucks. Does not include Fox 2.5" hydraulic bump shocks. Requires 980-02-801 Rear Bump Shocks. Provides maximum frame reinforcement. Bolt-on Installation - includes unique tab-nut hardware. Includes bolt in crossmember and axle landing pads. Cures known Raptor "weak frame" syndrome.

ReadyLIFT Ford Raptor Rear Bump Stop Frame Kit

  • ReadyLIFT Ford Raptor Rear Bump Stop Frame Kit
  • ReadyLIFT Ford Raptor Rear Bump Stop Frame Kit installed
  • diagram of ReadyLIFT Ford Raptor Rear Bump Stop Frame Kit
  • Diagram of ReadyLIFT Ford Raptor Rear Bump Stop Frame Kit

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Installation Instructions
SKU 25-2000

ReadyLIFT Off Road Suspension Rear Raptor Bolt-On Hydraulic Air Bump Stop Crossmember Kit!

Made In The U.S. A.- ReadyLIFT offers Raptor owners the perfect solution to control rear suspension compression impact during off roading along with the added benefit of reinforcing the rear frame and suspension with our heavy duty boxed steel crossmember. This bolt in Rear Bump Stop Kit helps cure the “weak frame” element that exists with the rear frame of Raptor trucks by providing a solution that absorbs the compression force of the rear suspension.

This kit is the result of intense engineering and field development testing which has yielded what could easily be said is the best product ever produced for the Ford Raptor trucks. What does this crossmember do? We are sure you have seen the video's online of Raptor owners who have pushed their truck's too far and bent the frames near the cab. The problem is that Ford placed the rear foam rubber bump stop inline with the frame and by the nature of its construction, cannot properly absorb the kind of energy that occurs at full suspension impact compression. The result is this sudden stopping energy is transferred into the frame as it seeks a weak point - which has resulted in numerous frame damages on even bone stock Raptors.

NOTE: the 25-2000 Rear Bump Stop Crossmember Kit does not include Fox bump stops - Sold Separately 980-02-801 Fox Bump Stop.

Made from heavy duty steel with included hardware , this rear bump system is completely bolt-on. We even developed unique tab-nut frame hardware so you can easily install the frame can mounts with little effort. This tab-nut innovation is truly unique and only found on the ReadyLIFT 25-2000 Rear Bump Stop Kit. This allows you to bolt on this assembly without the need for any special tools or rigorous installation procedures found with other kits on the market.Kit includes frame can mounts, crossmember and axle landing pads.
All you will need to add is your own choice of rear air or hydraulic bump cans.
(Air bump canisters not included with kit).

Requires use of aftermarket rear leaf spring pack that provides additional lift/travel. Not for use with OEM spring pack.

Kit includes (2) bolt-on frame mounted Fox bump stop canister housings, rugged axle landing pads, box steel bolt in crossmember, all necessary hardware and tab-nuts and includes an awesome looking silver powdercoated finish.

  • ReadyLIFT Raptor Rear Bump Stop Kit - Made in the USA
  • Exclusive tab-nut frame mounting hardware
  • Reduces risk of frame damage due to high speed suspension impact compression
  • Bolt-on installation - no modifications required - no need to remove bed to install
  • Grade 8 hardware
  • Crossmember strengthens frame and prevents twisting
  • Requires use of Fox 2.5 Bump Stop  - 980-02-801
  • Must Use aftermarket lift rear leaf springs such as our 26-2014 Rear Leaf Spring Kit
  • Bolt-on bump stop landing pads - no need to disassemble leaf spring pack or unbolt axle
  • Beautiful durable silver powdercoated finish

ReadyLIFT Ford Raptor Rear Bump Stop Assembly Installed


Ford Raptor 2010-2014 Rear Bump Stop Kit - w/o bump stops - 25-2000

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