ReadyLift® SST Coil Spacers
The ReadyLift® Coil Spacer kits consists of a precision built coil spacer that bolts into the top of the existing factory spring bucket. This design adds up to 2" of lift to the front of these vehicles leveling out the rake of the factory stance without compromising the OEM Factory Ride and allows for 35" to 37" tall tires. What separates ReadyLift coil spacers from others is that our spacers feature a steel impregnated coil cup that will not deform, split or separate from the polyurethane spacer which doubles as a sound isolator.

Features / Benefits
  • Rugged high gloss powder coated finish
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Steel Fused with Urethane (Patent Pending)
  • Will not deteriorate or decrease ride height over time
  • Some kits include a Shock Extension
  • Smooth & Quiet Ride
  • 7mm Heavy-duty steel construction