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U-bolt Kit For Ford F250 Super Duty

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M14 Round 365mm F250 U-bolt Kit

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M14 Round 365mm F250 U-bolt Kit
  • The ReadyLift 67-2094UB M16 Round 365mmLong U-Bolt Kit is designed to be used with 4" rear lift blocks (66-2094) if your 2005-2010 Ford F250 is a camper package vehicle. For Use With Single Rear Wheel Trucks Only. We are making these longer u-bolts available to our customers who have purchased a 4" block kit and discovered the u-bolts supplied with the kit are not long enough due to the truck having a Camper Package rear suspension. Trucks with Camper Package rear leaf springs require longer u-bolts due to the upper overload spring. Kit includes four new M16 365mm long u-bolts and eight crush nuts.

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