2014 GM 1500 ReadyLIFT Products

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ReadyLIFT® has the lift options covered for the brand new 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2wd/4wd 1500 Trucks! Our R&D team has tested our popular 66-3085 2.25″ Leveling Kit and our 2.0″ and 3.0″ Rear Block Kits on a new 2014 GM 1500 to confirm that in fact our reliable and popular lifting solutions are a perfect fit on this new platform.
With the near total redesign of the 2014 GM 1500 trucks, GM has retained the proven coil-over control arm suspension found on 1500 trucks since 2007. But there are some visual differences. First, the front sway bar has been relocated to the rear of the lower control arms instead of the front to improve stability. Visually GM has acknowledged the new 2014 GM1500 truck sport two different suspension material configurations. Some vehicles will come with an “aluminum suspension system while others will utilize steel components formally seen on the 2007-2013 models.
The aluminum suspension trucks have forged aluminum steering knuckles and aluminum upper and lower control arms while the steel suspension trucks possess cast iron steering knuckles and forged steel upper and lower control arms. The “aluminum suspension” trucks are said to be targeted for the 4WD Crew Cab with 5′-8″ beds and 4WD Regular Cab with 6′-6″ beds. GM states that all other 2014 configurations, including 2WD models, will possess the steel suspension configuration.
Note: While the changes and differences appear to be material, we have ReadyLIFT® have discovered that in fact the front strut internal design has been changed for 2014 to increase spring rate through internal dampening design changes and the development of an all-new strut isolator design.
While there are structural material and visual differences, the end result is that, unlike many other companies who haven’t actually test fit their products, we at ReadyLIFT® can confirm through our own test fitting procedures that our 66-3085 2.25″ leveling kit and our popular rear lift block kits do in fact fit and work perfectly on the 2014 GM 1500.
With the flood of new 2014 GM 1500 trucks hitting the dealer lots as you read this, we want to confirm that our 66-3085 leveling kit, 66-3002 and 66-3003 rear block kits  and popular rear shock extensions 67-3809 do work as advertised on this new model pickup. ReadyLIFT® has these kits in stock and ready to support you!


Don’t Just Lift It…ReadyLIFT It®


2014 GM 1500 ReadyLIFT Products Available Now and In Stock:


2007-2014  SILVERADO/SIERRA 1500   1.0″-1.5″ Lift  2WD & 4WD – 6-LUG      66-3090
2007-2014  SILVERADO/SIERRA 1500   1.5″ Lift          2WD & 4WD – 6-LUG       66-3080
2007-2014  SILVERADO/SIERRA 1500   2.25″ Lift        2WD & 4WD – 6-LUG       66-3085


2007-2014  2.25″ TALL BLOCK          1.0″ Lift     2WD & 4WD – 6-LUG               66-3002
2007-2014  3″ TALL BLOCK              1.75″  Lift   2WD & 4WD – 6-LUG               66-3003


2007-2014  REAR SHOCK EXTENSIONS       2WD & 4WD – 6-LUG             67-3809

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