Rear Block Lift Kits Everything You Need To Know

Have you noticed a truck sag in the rear when you’re towing? Need a cost-efficient improvement? A rear block kit can greatly improve your truck’s weight distribution and improve control with towing and hauling heavy loads. Rear block kits are very popular for any work truck as it can extend the life of your suspension by reducing the rear sag.
What is a Rear Block?

The reasons for wanting or needing a rear block kit are vast. Before going into the details of our rear block kits we want to explain what a rear block is. Most every truck offered by a manufacturer comes with some amount of front-end rake. Rake is the height difference when comparing the front to the rear; essentially the front sits lower than the rear. Manufacturers do this to allow trucks not to sag too much when hauling loads. Unfortunately, this rake doesn’t always bypass the issue. Some drivers add so much weight the truck begins to sag too much even with the rake. This is where the rear block comes in. A rear block lifts the rear of the truck enough to allow a level drive while hauling heavy loads.

Rear Blocks What are they

Rear Block Kits & Lift Kits

Almost all of our lift kits include some type of rear block or similar application. This is because lifting the front of your truck will cause the truck sag to be even more present. The perfect solution for most drivers wanting lift and functionality is our popular SST Lift Kits. These kits not only lift the front, but will provide the rear lift needed to avoid truck sag. 

Rear Block Lift Kit

What Size Rear Block Kit?

If the factory block is 1 inch tall and you are installing a 2 inch rear block kit, you will be getting 1 inch of rear lift more than the OEM block. Earlier F250 Super Duty models came with a 2 inch rear block. If you install a ReadyLIFT 4 inch rear block, you will be getting 2 inches of rear lift. Install one of our 5 inch rear blocks, you get 3 inches of rear lift. Some trucks like Toyotas have no rear block, so the size of the rear block you install is the same as the amount of lift that you will get. Remember, stacking rear blocks is a very dangerous action and is even illegal in your state, so be sure to keep that in mind when making a rear block kit purchase.  Our rear blocks are made from cast iron just like the factory blocks and include the right angle, vehicle specific U-blots, and design to work perfectly on your truck.


Do You Need A Rear Block?

– Do you have a stock truck and just need more rake (rear lift) to help with load capacity handling?
– Rear blocks will help you.
– Is your truck an older model and the rear leaf springs have started to sag?
– Adding a taller rear block can help get the rear of the truck back up to where you want it.
– Have you installed a leveling kit and decided that you need more rake for towing?
– Rear block is what you need.


Now that you know the details of rear block kits, it’s time to take this functionality to your truck. At ReadyLIFT finding the perfect lift & rear block is as easy as entering your truck to our configurator at the top of the page and selecting the height you want. Chances are, we have a rear block kit waiting for your truck.

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*Shock extensions or longer shocks may be required on some kits.