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ReadyLIFT Announces Full Line of Bilstein Shock Absorbers for Our Most Popular Lift Kits


ReadyLIFT is committed to providing customers the best possible suspension. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Bilstein shocks to provide a full line of premium Bilstein® 5100/5160 shock absorbers for our most popular lift kits. Bilstein Shocks are built to last and will not only keep your truck riding smooth, but save you money in the long run.

For years Bilstein has been a leader in suspension manufacturing and consistently produce high-quality products for all types of vehicles. Some features that established Bilstein as a pioneer in suspension success include high-flow piston technology to reduce harshness and improve overall drivability; a tough Zinc coating to resist the harshest elements and a digressive piston design to provide a superior on-road comfort with excellent off-road control. In addition, kits including the 5160 shock will have an extended shock travel to allow for more vertical travel over terrain.

Bilstein Lift Kit ReadyLIFT



5100 Shock Absorbers:

  • OEM certified mounting hardware for easy installation
  • 46mm monotube design
  • Digressive valving immediately reacts to changing terrain
  • Made in the USA or Germany



5160 Shock Absorbers:

  • Bilstein Swivel Reservoir with increase shock oil capacity
  • Banjo-fittings with 360° rotation
  • 46mm monotube with Gas Pressure Technology
  • Increases wheel travel on most applications
  • Made in the USA








To make the installation process easier for you, Bilstein created vehicle specific fitment upper and lower mounts. Competitors often use a universal or generic hardware which decreases durability, reliability and creates complications for you.

When your truck has a lift kit it puts extra demand on shock absorbers damping ability and can alter your truck’s performance. It’s time to ditch your clunky worn down factory shocks and upgrade to a trusted brand like Bilstein. With one ReadyLIFT purchase, you can achieve a superior ride with the look and fitment you want.


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One thought on “ReadyLIFT Announces Full Line of Bilstein Shock Absorbers for Our Most Popular Lift Kits

  1. Shocks
    By: Russell Deel

    Hi. I just installed a readylift 3.5 on my 2012 Ford F-150 fx4. It looks great, only thing is, it’s a lot stiffer. It hits hard over bumps or bridges. I left factory shocks on. Would it help if I changed the shocks to bilstein shocks?