With the growing popularity of Subaru vehicles being outfitted for offroad, ReadyLIFT has developed the best solution for the Subaru Crosstrek and Subaru Outback. Subaru has always been a car perfectly suited for outdoors, yet it’s difficult to come across a suspension solution with a company you trust, a company with decades of experience on some of the most popular vehicles on the road. Lifting these cars may seem out of the ordinary to the average driver, but when combined with a lift kit and larger wheel/tire size, this car will fly through virtually any terrain. Our 2″ SST Lift Kit will make your Subaru ready tear up the trails or wherever your adventures take you.


These crossover lift kits, when combined with aggressive all-terrain tires, create an exceptionally improved stance that handles both on the road and on the trail. All of our new crossover kits use similar heavy-duty offset-spacer strut extension technology providing the ideal 2” of lift in front and 1.0″-1.5″ of lift in the rear.  This added clearance gives you the option to upgrade your wheels and tires without any trimming. These innovative new crossover SST Lift Kits are easy to bolt-on and require no structural modifications. Whether you are ready to take your crossover off-road or you just want a smoother ride in the city we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.




ReadyLIFT has been a trusted leader in the lifted truck market for well over a decade. We invented the mid-level lift category years ago and now we are bringing our experience and expertise to the Subaru family.


Years of experience means we understand that maintaining factory handling is always a priority.


Bulk up your tire size for a smooth ride on and off the road. ReadyLIFT is committed to giving your Crosstrek a smooth ride, whether it's your favorite offroad trail or a pavement speed bump.



Using our time-tested lift engineering technology from our award-winning, best-selling truck and Jeep lift kits our engineers developed a wide range of crossover vehicles capable of handling any terrain.


Quick an easy bolt-on lift kit that requires no cutting or trimming. Our kits are easy to put on a require basic tools you can find in a garage. If you have any difficulties our customer service is always happy to assist you.


Our 2″ Subaru Outback SST Lift Kit gives your vehicle a better stance and higher clearance to allow for bigger wheels and tires. Allows for up to a 245/65-17 tire on a 17x8 wheel with +38 offset.