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Lift or Level Your Chevy or GMC Truck/SUV the Right Way


For over a decade, ReadyLIFT has been the premier leveling and lift solution for Chevy and GMC truck and SUV owners across North America. What started as a quest to provide superior quality GMC and Chevy lift kits and leveling kits burgeoned into a full blown line of products ranging from 1.5″ to 8″ of lift depending on the application.

In 2006, ReadyLIFT introduced the first forged adjustable leveling torsion keys for GM 1500 and GM HD trucks. A 25% increase in strength over the factory torsion keys while providing the right amount of indexing to accurately level your truck. A decade later, and we’re proud to say this same excellent quality can be found in all ReadyLIFT forged torsion key leveling kits.  

Leveling Kits

With the introduction of the GMC900 1500 series trucks in 2007 featuring a strut style suspension, ReadyLIFT reacted and developed the first 2.25″ leveling kit for this platform. The 66-3085 leveling kit is still to this day the preferred leveling kit by customers and installers and provides the proper amount of front lift to achieve a level stance without the need to cut or modify your struts. Just bolt the CNC machined billet aluminum spacers in and your are in business!

ReadyLIFT was also one of the first companies to develop leveling kits for the Gen 1 Colorado/Canyon, providing adjustable torsion keys or strut extensions depending upon the platform. For the Gen 2 Colorado/Canyon we engineered 1.25″ and a 2″ leveling kits to give owners a choice of how much front lift they prefer for their Gen 2 trucks.

SST Lift Kits

For customers who want a little more lift than what a leveling kit provides, but not a bigger lift that would require cutting or modifications to the truck, ReadyLIFT developed the SST® Smart Suspension Technology Lift Kits. Our SST lift kits give most Chevy and GMC applications more front lift than a leveling kit with the addition of a rear lift option to create a mild lifted stance customers desire. Our 4″ SST Lift Kit series complete with heavy-duty upper control arms was developed. These kits retain full functionality of the front differential with the added security of ball joint cups angled perfectly to maintain geometry through the suspension cycle. After 8 years in service, these kits are near perfect for both truck and full-size SUVs. We even offer a 3.5″ version for the GM HD platform that gives HD truck owners the option for increased lift without having to modify the truck. Like our leveling kits, ReadyLIFT SST Lift Kits are completely bolt on. A great option if you lease your truck or want to remove it at a later date.

Complete Lift Kits

In 2015 ReadyLIFT completed our fight card with the development of larger drop cross member lift kits. We developed a series of 6.5″ complete lift kits for the 2014-UP GM 1500 trucks that includes our exclusive Rack Correction System (RCS) to maintain track width. This lift kit is also the only kit on the market that fully retains the factory turning radius! And it is FMVSS 126 certified!

For the 1500 series heavy duty brother, the 2500HD and 3500HD, we developed two solutions. Since these trucks sit fairly high to begin with, we developed and provide a lift kit that provides between 5″ and 6″ of adjustable lift. If you want to go BIG, we stepped it up a notch and engineered a 7″ to 8″ adjustable version that includes tubular upper control arms and will allow for tires up to 37″ in diameter!

Rear Block Kits

Want to tow more? We have that covered too. Did you know that ReadyLIFT was the first company to offer OEM style cast iron rear block kits with vehicle specific u-bolts? If you want extra rake for towing or just like a rake that is taller in the rear, our rear lift block kits are perfect for GM trucks! Depending on the application, you can choose between 1″ and 5″ of rear block lift heights while enjoying the comfort that these blocks are engineered specifically for your vehicle with proper taper and cast in pins.

ReadyLIFT has long been synonymous with being the go-to brand when it comes to reliable leveling and lift solutions for your GM truck. Imitators have tried to copy our products, but none of them provide the same expert engineering and quality that you get from a ReadyLIFT product. Over a decade of precision engineering can be found in every leveling, SST lift, rear block or our complete lift kits. Lifting GM truck is in our DNA. GM half ton and HD trucks have been at the core of our own fleet since day one. When you choose a ReadyLIFT lift solution for your GM truck, you become part of the ReadyLIFT family — and that is important to us.

Looking for products for your Chevy or GMC truck? Enter in your truck’s make, model, year and drive on our homepage and you’ll be on your way!

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2 thoughts on “Lift or Level Your Chevy or GMC Truck/SUV the Right Way

  1. Lifting my truck
    By: Shane Hammons

    I want to raise my 2013 Chevy Silverado i think is got a Leveling kit on the front but I what to go about 2 to 2.5 inches higher. Thanks

  2. canyon
    By: marty listl

    I would like to level/raise my 2016 4X4 Canyon. If I do this what is the biggest wheel/tire size would it give me. Do you guys sell a 3″ leveling kit? The truck came with 265/18s. I have a set of 305/17 Nittos that came off another truck but in excellent condition. Can I get them to fit.
    thank you,